Learning the Reasons Many People Smoke

Learning the Reasons Many People Smoke

Trying to quit smoking is not easy, learning the exact reason why you actually smoke is often critical to the success of the project. If you discover the exact reason why you are smoking it can make it so much easier to actually determine how to find the success that you need, in order to quit for good. Simply trying to quit for reasons that do not pertain to your situation will leave you upset and frustrated. You are likely to feel as if you are nothing more than a failure, and your overall situation is not likely to be impressive at all. However, if you take the time to discover why you specifically smoke, you will be surprised at just how much easier it is to stop.

Many people smoke for a wide range of reasons. They can range from something as innocent as smoking when you are depressed, stressed or when you just want a quick pick me up. The idea that smoking a cigarette will make your projects go away is an innocent idea, but in reality, it is completely incorrect. Typically, what is actually beneficial is the fact that you are able to take a few brief moments out of your life to see exactly what is going on. One such example is those who work at a stressful job, looking forward to your next cigarette break is often going hand in hand with trying to break away from the stress for a few brief moments. Learning how to cut down the stress at work can be very helpful to cutting down the number of cigarettes you need as well.

Other reasons that many people smoke is due to being under the impression that they will not be able to smoke. This comes back to the old idea that you are never hungry at night except for the night before a medical test when you are not allowed to eat after 8p.m. Suddenly that very night you are positively starving and think that your doctor is punishing you badly for some reason. The same thing happens to smokers. If you are going somewhere and you think you will not be able to smoke, the urge to smoke may be much stronger. This often has nothing to do with actually needing or even wanting to smoke. It is nothing more than a mental game that we play with ourselves.

Learning the Reasons Many People Smoke

Many smokers find that they are only interested in smoking if they are bored. Having nothing to do leads to idle hands, which can easily create problems. Learning how to keep yourself busy is not easy, but trying to avoid boredom can often go a very long way in the battle to stop smoking. Taking the time to create a schedule for yourself that you can keep, without leaving too much down time is important. If you pack your schedule with too much, you will create stress, which could cause you to smoke even more, if you have too much free time you could become bored which can also lead to smoking more. A properly balanced schedule will ensure that you are productive without stressing.

A final consideration that you need to take into account is getting plenty of sleep. Many people smoke because they need a pick me up in the middle of the day. Finding yourself in this position is not good. Avoid staying up excessively late whenever possible. Even going to bed early once a week can add up to reducing the sleep shortage that you are experiencing. As lives are increasingly busy, it is quite easy to forget how important sleep really is. This can create a huge need to do something, almost anything to actually stay awake. Avoid smoking and ensure that you are getting the rest you really need. This simple step alone can help you to cut your smoking by as much as half if you are dedicated to getting the sleep that your body really needs to survive.

Get Cheap Vacation Airfare in 5 Easy Steps

Get Cheap Vacation Airfare in 5 Easy Steps

Are you in the process of planning a good, relaxing vacation? If so, you want to reduce your costs. Right? After all, who wants to pay more for a vacation than they need to? If you are looking to reduce the cost of your vacation airfare, please continue reading on for how you can do so in five easy steps.

1 – Be Flexible

You are at an advantage if you are planning your vacation in advance. You should have the ability to play around with your travel dates and times. If you have yet to put in for your vacation time at work, play around for a little bit with airfare quotes. Did you know that wisely choosing the day and time that you depart for your trip could save you hundreds of dollars? In some cases, it can.

So, when is it the best time to travel? You are likely to find the best deals in the off-season. For example, if you live in the Northeast, you are not the only person who wants to go to Hawaii to escape the cold winter. Thousands of others travelers do too and airlines know this. If you want to save hundreds of dollars on your flight, travel in the off-season. For you, this would be spring and fall. Another simple way to avoid paying extra is to avoid weekend travel and holidays. The best days to fly are on Wednesdays.

Get Cheap Vacation Airfare in 5 Easy Steps

2 – Compare the Rates of Airline Companies

Online, there are many ways to book a flight. You can go directly through the airline in question or a third-party travel website. Start with the airline. Perform a standard internet search with the airports you will be departing from and arriving to. Visit these websites and you will find a list of airlines that service the airport. Now, find these websites, also with a standard internet search. Request a free quote. Remember, you can experiment with your travel dates and times to find the best deals.

Make note of the airline that will get you there the fastest and the cheapest.

3 – Compare the Rates of Third-Party Travel Websites

Typically, you get better discounts by booking your flight directly through the airline company. There are however, instances in which third-party travel websites get you the best deal. These websites include Priceline.com and Orbitz.com. Perform a search to see. Compare the rates to those offered by the airline company. Who is it cheaper to make your reservations with?

While on the website of a third-party travel website, also consider vacation packages. If you are in need of a hotel or car rental, play around with the websites features. Well-known websites, like Priceline.com, are known for offering convenient and moneysaving travel packages. With just a few clicks and one payment, you cannot only get cheap airfare, but a cheap hotel and car rental too.

4 – Compare Your Findings

As previously stated, you want to compare the airfare rates of different airlines. You want to find the cheapest company to fly with. Then, you want to compare the rates of online travel websites. Is it cheaper to book your flight through these websites or the airline? Compare your findings and then make your reservations. Most passengers benefit from opting for the cheapest and shortest flights. To increase your chances of getting a good seat, book early.

5 – Monitor Your Flight

Unfortunately, there are some risks involved in booking a flight too early. If an airline notices a flight is still empty in the weeks leading up to departure, they are likely to offer discounted tickets. In most cases, an airline or third-party travel website is under no obligation to refund you the difference, but it won’t hurt to call and ask. So, if you can monitor your flight. If you notice a significant savings, place a phone call. It is a long shot, but it may reduce the cost of your airfare.

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Flying During the Holidays: How to Save Money

Flying During the Holidays: How to Save Money

If you are one of the millions of Americans who moved away after high school, you have long-distance family. You may only get to see your parents and siblings once or twice a year. Usually, that is during a holiday. Unfortunately, holidays are the worst and most expensive times to fly. On that same note, there are a many ways that you can save money during holiday travel. How?

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Buy your ticket early. Any other time of the year, it is easy to find last minute travel deals and discounts, but not around the holidays. This is peak travel season and airlines know this. If anything, they are likely to increase the price at the last minute. They do so hoping to profit from poor planners. If you book your flight two months before the holiday, you could easily save $100.

Not only does buying your airline tickets early save you money, but it also ensures you get a seat. Right now, most airlines are losing money and very quickly. To avoid bigger losses, they are increasing airfare and offering fewer flights. Five years ago, you may have had ten Christmas flights to get you home on Delta Airlines. This year, you may only have three. If you wait until the last minute to make your reservations, you may find no available seats.

Play the waiting game. It seems ironic to wait when you were just told to book your reservations in advance. Only play the waiting game if you are planning at least four months ahead. About three months before your travel date is the best time to find good deals. This buys you some time. Monitor your interested flights or setup email alerts. Set a goal price. If the airline does not lower their price to meet your goal after one month, go with the cheapest flight available. This is another benefit of planning ahead, you have time to experiment and monitor.

Check other nearby airports. Do you have at least two or three airports within a reasonable distance to your home? What about your destination? If you are flying home to meet your mother, chances are she will not mind driving an hour to pick you up. If it saves you money, do it. Although there are no guarantees, usually the larger airports have the best deals to offer.

Arrive home for the holidays early. Usually it is very expensive to fly a day or two before a holiday, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you can, arrive home a few days earlier. Spending three extra days with your family may save you $50 or more!

Accept a bump if you can. As previously stated, the holidays are a popular time to fly. Since there are fewer flights, there are more overbooked planes. If your plane is overbooked and volunteers are sought to take a later flight, try bargaining. You may be able to get an upgrade to first class, a discount on your next flight, and so forth. Just be sure to call your family back home to let them know you will be arriving late.

Finally, pack snacks. Not only will this save you money at the airport, but time too. Airports are loaded with travelers during the holidays. This not only means long lines at airport security, but at eateries too. Pack a snack or a bagged lunch to avoid paying for an expensive meal and having to wait in line.

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What the Travel Experts Recommend

How to Fly Cheap: What the Travel Experts Recommend

If you need to fly, you may wish you didn’t have to. This is because of the high airfare most airlines are charging. What use to be a cheap trip across the country is now one that most Americans cannot afford. Whether you are flying across the country or to the next state, you want to save money. There are many money saving travel tips available online. These are nice, but who has the best tips? The travel experts and what do they have to say?

How to Fly Cheap: What the Travel Experts Recommend

Avoid weekend departures. This is when most people travel, as they don’t have to miss additional work. If you can, fly on Wednesday. Wednesday is the best and cheapest day to fly. What are the worst? The worst and most expensive days to fly in the United States are usually Mondays and Fridays. Why is this? Friday is usually reserved for the weekend warriors. Monday flights are loaded with those traveling for businesses. You can easily save at least $100 by departing on Wednesday instead.

Consider flying in the vacation off-season. If you are flying to take a vacation, consider waiting. What is your destination and when is the off-season? For example, Florida is most popular in the winter and New York is most popular in the summer. By avoiding these busy months, you not only save money on airfare, but your car rental and hotel too. Why are these special discounts offered in the off-season? Airlines have no problem filling up flights from New York to Orlando in January, as those in the Northeast want to escape the cold. It is however, harder for them to fill the same flight in the month of July. The Northeast now has warm and beautiful weather, so less travel. With that said, the airline still needs to fly between these destinations. To ensure a full flight, they offer deals and discounts.

Avoid flying during the holiday. Although it is cheaper to depart on a Wednesday than a Friday, there is one simple way you can save money. That is stay home for the holidays. Airfare skyrockets around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Why is this? Airlines know this is when Americans travel the most. Staying home is nice, but don’t let it ruin your holidays. If want to fly back home to spend Thanksgiving with your parents, do it. Price compare to find the best deals and leave early. Around the holidays, the most expensive flights are the two days before the holiday. Arrive three to four days before Thanksgiving; you should find better airfare rates.

Book your flight at the right time. Did you know that when you book your flight is just as important as when you depart? Most travelers are surprised to hear this. Travel experts state there are two good times to make airline reservations. They are Wednesday morning and Saturday morning. Around these times, airlines review their status for their upcoming flights. If there are more seats to fill, cheap discounts are temporarily offered.

As you can see, there are many ways to fly cheap in the United States. According to the experts, you should avoid holidays, fly on Wednesdays, book your flight on Wednesday or Saturday morning, and vacation in the off-season. If you can implement these expert recommended money saving travel tips, do it. You may save hundreds of dollars on airfare.

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Fly Cheap: Do Budget Airlines Save You Money

Fly Cheap: Do Budget Airlines Save You Money

If you are looking to reduce the cost of airfare, you may stop and consider budget airlines. These airlines claim they have the best rates in the business. What do you sacrifice for these rates? It depends on their airline in question. You may give up an in-flight snack, drink, movie, first class, or assigned seating. If this does not concern you, you may be ready to book your travel plans. But wait! Do these budget airlines really save you money? Yes and no; it depends on a number of factors.

The budget airline in question. After a quick search online and after requesting free price quotes, you will see that not all “budget,” airlines are so budget after all. In fact, some charge fares that are inline or more than popular and well-known companies, such as Delta and American Airlines. As great as budget airlines are, never assume you are getting the best deal. Most times you are, but there are no guarantees. Determine which airlines can get you to point a and point b and then back. Visit the online websites for these airlines and request a free quote. If a budget air carrier is truly cheaper to fly with, make your reservations.

If your travel dates are set in stone. Unfortunately, life happens. It is hectic and plans change all the time. If you book a flight with a budget airline, you want to make sure this does not happen. It is best to schedule your reservations after you are sure of your travel date. Why? You are charged a fee for changing your plans. Some budget airlines, like Southwest, charge you a fee and then hold on to your money. This money can be transferred to a new ticket within twelve months. If you don’t use it, you lose it. For many first time travelers, this seems risky and shady. Yes, it is a pitfall to flying on a budget airline, but not if you are 100% sure about your travel dates and time.

The price you see upfront may not be the actual price. Most well-known airline companies, such as Northwest and Delta, let you know your fees and taxes upfront. For example, you search for a flight. Each of your options appear on the screen. The large price is your flight price. The smaller printed price is the total of your flight after taxes and fees are included. You know this information right up front. You rarely do with budget airlines. It usually takes you two or three pages, after seeing your flight options, before you see the total for fee and taxes. So, don’t get excited right away if you can fly between Las Vegas and New York for $89 each way, as this is not the final ticket cost.

If you are traveling to a popular vacation destination. Budget airlines keep their fees low, hence the name. There are many ways they do this, including eliminating many perks for passengers. They also carefully choose the airports they service. Ohio is a great state, but it isn’t one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. So, if you need to fly to Ohio, you may be unable to find a budget airline that can get you there. Your chances of flying budget and getting the lowest fares increase with the more popular destinations you choose. Luckily, most budget airlines are known for their no or one-stop flights to popular vacation destinations, like Las Vegas, Florida, and New York.

In short, budget airlines are doing a good thing. They are working hard to provide customers with cheap ways to fly. If you are more concerned about saving money and getting from point a to point b, you should consider flying budget. If you want the perks that come with being an air traveler, it is best to go with the airlines you know and trust.

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Clothes For Winter Riding

Clothes for winter riding

Clothes for winter riding may not be so obvious fro people that have not been on mountain treks or bush walking in general, this may not be as common, however there are issues with biking that are specific to the speed of biking downhills, the wind chill factor is taken into account by all that wonder out to the high ground for a day or two.

Clothes for winter riding can be unpreditable

Mountain biking in cold weather has always been an unpredictable
challenge. The problem is that you’ll start out outdoors  cold then warm up and break a sweat, making yourself wet, prone to the chill. Then once reached the top you return downhill, the combination
of wet skin and windchill will be dramatic in most autumn to winter conditions. It is surprising how cold it can get suddenly, when the body heat is lost rapidly.

Below, you’ll find a list of the cold weather clothing
that will make winter riding less of a bone chilling

In cold temperatures, your feet are the most vulnerable
part of your anatomy. Pressure from pedaling will
tend to cut off the circulation to your toes, which
can put you at a risk of frostbite. In cold conditions,
neoprene booties are a must have. They will zip over
your shoes and even have a pattern in the sole where
you can cut out a piece for cleats.

There are several manufacturers that make “lobster
gloves”, a hybrid glove that separates your index
finger and thumb from the rest of your hand. These
gloves are warmer than regular gloves, and the distinct
index finger will allow you to operate your shifting
and brake levers.

In case your hands get cold, you should carry a pair
of lightweight glove liners will you as well. If you
have to stop to take care of a problem, the liners will
protect your hands from the cold.

Glasses that wraparound and provide maximum protection
from the wind are best to wear in the winter. You can
protect yourself from debris, as well as the cold.

You should wear heavy socks although not to heavy. A
sock that is overly heavy will make your shoes tight,
cut off circulation, even make your feet cold. You
should try lightweight socks, as they will keep your
feet warm without bulk. If you need an extra layer,
try silk ski socks as they are very warm and also
extra lightweight.

Polypropylene is the best material here, as it is
lightweight and best for colder temperatures.

Wind protection

Moving air is the biggest cause for losing body
heat. By having good wind protection you’ll be able
to vent perspiration while also protecting yourself
from windchill. You should choose pants and a jacket
based on durability, breathing, and price as these
types of clothing can get very experience.

Helmet and liners
Your head is very important, as you lose 50% of your
body heat through your head. A helmet is designed to
keep you cool in the summer, not warm in the winter. A
fleece liner inside your helmet will keep your head
and ears warm during winter riding.

Introduction To Mountain Biking

Introduction to mountain biking

Introduction to mountain biking is the right place to start thinking creatively of the many opportunities that you may have to enjoy the sport of mountain biking.  The immediate benefits of mountain biking are physical exercise, work out for the respiratory system lungs,  and the cardio system heart, and all of the other limbs, e.g. arms and legs,  shoulders, hand grips and all the back and neck muscles. There are so may benefits from working out with clean air outdoors in the mountains.

Introduction to mountain biking

Mountain biking is a great way to explore the outdoors,
stay in shape, or just have fun. Racing down the side
of a mountain is a lot of fun indeed, although it can
also be quite dangerous. Even though it’s dangerous,
if you ride with caution, it can be enjoyed by the
entire family.

Styles of mountain biking
Mountain biking can best be characterized into three
different styles – downhill, free riding, and cross
country. Even though the different styles are similar
in some ways, they still require different skills. The
style that you pick will determine the type of bike you

Locations for mountain biking
The sport can best be thought of as biking on an unpaved
surface. Many areas throughout North America have
specific locations designed for mountain biking. Before
you decide to go down a trail, you should always check
with your local park to get the routes, regulations, and
any rules that they may have.

You can also find groups that have mountain bike rides
and competitions. You can look on the internet or even
in a local paper and see exactly what’s available in your
area. You may be able to find groups for the more
advanced riders as well as beginners.

Becoming a great biker
Endurance and stamina are a must for a great mountain
biker. It will also take ambition and practice to succeed
as well as conquer the course. Like all other sports,
it takes time and practice. Those just beginning will
have to get past the bumps and bruises from falling
off the bike.

Selecting your mountain bike
The bike you select is more of a personal choice, and
a big determining factor on the type of riding you will
be doing. Bikes come in all styles, shapes, and prices,
which will make selecting one for yourself very difficult

You should use the internet to help you shop for a bike,
even do some price comparisons online as well before you
make a purchase. Before you buy a bike, always ask to
try it out first. A great mountain biker will become
one with his or her own bike. When buying, make sure
you check for comfort, how it fits, even how it is geared.

Staying safe when riding
Mountain bike riding on unpaved roads can be very
dangerous, as mentioned earlier. Anytime you are riding,
you should wear a helmet, along with knee and elbow
pads. If you are following a group or riding in the
woods you should strongly consider a pair of goggles as
well. Safety should be your top priority and never
taken lightly anytime you are mountain biking.

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The history of mountain biking

The history of mountain biking

The history of mountain biking is associated with travel, recreational sports, and the pioneering spirit of humans to explore the wilderness areas of the mountains what ever means they had available. Like all children of the world who had a pushbike to peddle, they too used them on their week end expeditions into the back country of their town or city. The running cost of a bike was very much affordable for most people.

There is a lot of history and information out there
in regards to the history and origins of mountain
biking, with some being recognized and some that
depends on who has the best firm of public relations.

Some say that mountain biking began with the Buffalo
Soldiers, which was a turn of the century infantry
who customized bikes to carry gear over the rough and
tough terrain. They began in August of 1896, over
the course of 800 miles. Their mission was simple –
to test bikes for military use in the toughest of

Others say it was the Velo Cross Club of France
that started mountain biking. The club was comprised
of 20 young bikers from Paris, who between 1951 and
1956 developed a sport that resembles present day
mountain biking.

It could have also been John Finley Scott, who was
the first mountain biker in the U.S. In 1953 he
constructed what he called a “Woodsie Bike”, using
a diamond frame, balloon tires, flat handle bars,
and cantilever brakes. He was more than 20 years
ahead of his time. Even though he remained an off
road enthusiast, there were many at that time who
didn’t share that same passion.

Today, we believe that the history of the mountain
bike is most apparent in Northern California. There
are a few areas that claim to be the first community
for mountain biking, although each and every history
book will tell you Marin County.

The sport of mountain biking has taken many twists
and turns over the last several hundred years. Even
though there are many that say different things about
the history and the beginning, we know one thing
for sure – one thing has led to another and the
sport of mountain biking was born.

Mountain biking vacation

Mountain biking vacation

Mountain biking vacation can be very good form of personal health and fitness improvement vacations. 3 – 5 days trips could be a life changing event towards a personal improved life style. Without doubt spending quality time in a natural environment while working towards a destination and a goal, is life changing for anyone with a creative and open mind to be inspired by the natural environment of the Nordic Arctic region.

Taking a mountain biking vacation is an excellent
way to unwind and explore any country. There are several
companies that offer mountain biking tours that go
through scenic routes, and they often arrange any
accomodations for travelers as well. For athletic
couples, these types of vacations offer the perfect
way to relax and enjoy some exercise together.

Each and every region in the United States has some
truly awesome mountain biking trails. It’s not just
the major mountain ranges that offer these trails, as
any hilly, scenic, rough trail can provide riders with
the adventure they seek. Some of the best areas to
mountain bike ride in the Lapland of Finland are during the summer season. There are also great rides using the fat bike with extra wide tires during the spring (March – June), when the sun shines and the snow has a thick crust that can hold the fat bikes tires without sinking trough the snow crust.

Mountain biking vacation and a Spring season tune up tips

This mostly applies for those that use their own mountain bike on their vacations.  For other people it may not apply during their vacation, because they will most likely hire a mountain bike for several days at a time.

If you don’t ride in the winter, you’ve probably
spent the winter months on the couch eating chips
and watching television. Before you know it, spring
will be here and a new season of mountain biking
will begin. Even though your body may not be in
shape, these tips will ensure that your bike is.

Before you take your bike out, check the wear and
tear on your components and adjust them if its
necessary. Start off with your chain. If you
haven’t replaced it in a year or more, it’s time
to do so. Over time, the individual parts in the
chain will get worn out, increasing its effective

As this happens, the chain is no longer able to
conform to the cog and the teeth of the chain ring,
so it wears those teeth out to fit the profile of
the chain. If you can replace the chain before it
stretches too much you’ll save yourself from having
to replace high priced cogs and chain rings.

Now, check the bearing surfaces. These include your
bottom bracket, hubs, and the headset. Each of these
should turn without a problem with no play in the
system. Before checking the bottom bracket, make
sure each cranking arm is snugged tight. Next, hold
on to the crank arm (not the pedal) and wobble it
back and forth. If you hear any clicking or if the
crank arm binds, the bottom bracket needs to be

Do the exact same thing with your hubs. Take the
wheels off the bike, spin the hub axles, then feel
for any free play or binding. If you feel play or
binding, you need to make an adjustment. To check
the headset, start off by putting the newly adjusted
wheels back on the bike.

Now, grab the front brake and pull and push the
handle bars back and forth. There shouldn’t be any
play. If you lift the front end off the ground,
the fork should turn very smoothly. If it feels rough,
it needs to be either adjusted or replaced.

While your looking, check the condition of your cables
and housing. The cables should be rust free and the
housing shouldn’t be cracked or kinked. If you see any
of this you should replace the offending device, as if
you don’t your shifting and braking will be sluggish.

Last, you should inspect your brake pads. Most pads
will have ridges or indicator marks that will let you
know when they need to be replaced. Brake pads that
are worn out will comprimise both safety and braking

Once you’ve got the tune ups out of the way, it’s time
to go for a ride. With your mountain bike running
better than ever, all you have to do now is have fun!

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Right moves for bright future 2016

Right moves for bright future 2016

Right moves for bright future 2016 is a Happy New Year 2016 Greeting!  The New Year 2016 is the perfect occasion to celebrate love, friendships and all the good things in life.  Let’s take the time to appreciate what this year has given us and what the new one is about to bring.

You are a dreamer, and you are an achiever. May you dream and achieve bigger feats, with every passing year. All the best for the new year.

Right moves for bright future 2016


New Year 2016 with fresh faith, fresh hopes, fresh love and fresh vision.

This is a reality, with the intellectual free will it is possible to choose what one chooses into the mind. They may be images, memories, hopes, dreams and aspirations, whatever we create in the imagination no one can take that away from us.  It is an attitude, it is also a spiritual reality, that manifest by the words that people speak. Those that are true believers and have dreams for the future they can easily speak to friends of the type of future vision that they want for themselves.

On the negative there may be the pessimistic, unbelievers, doubtful, and very little faith in the power of their intellectual mind. The powers of the mind are very real, but they also need to be exercised and used. Otherwise, the cognitive capacity shrinks and is diminished to nothing.

Enemy of faith, love, hope and bright destiny.

Enemy of faith, love and hope are all those that don’t allow the expression of faith, love and hope.  One way to look at it is to view at the reasons why people often manipulate others to their own wants and desires.  People like to consume food and things,  including people that they desire. Therefore, people may want to manipulate out of selfish greed.   Another way to look at the reason why people manipulate others is to look at the process of polarization.

Polarization in communications and psychology, is the definition given to the behavior of a social or political group to split based on opposing views. OVER time, more and more members of the original group join one or the other split group and fewer and fewer members remain neutral. This brings the two sides or “poles” further and further apart. – Wikipedia.

Why does polarization happen?  It happens because there is a disagreement of want’s, values, or processes. The best way to handle such disagreements is to unravel the core issue, and logically explain the core issue step by step. Therefore undoing any unrealistic expectations, and wrong motives and myths.

Right moves for bright future 2016 and beyond

All human problems can be traced to the mind, the mind’s inability to process information or inability to communicate the information, or the mind being out of order.

Therefore, a mind out of order can not communicate logically, all communication is information, and the purpose of information is to convey a message or data.   and to receive that which was shared by the  communicator, to convey or send the intended meanings through a shared system of signs, and semiotic rules.

Therefore there needs to be information in the mind of the person before they can communicate. If the information in the person is faith, hope and love, then that message does come out as such.   The absence of faith, hope, and love information in the communicator can be interpreted as being genuine, but in fact, it is not present. Therefore, an individual’s personal values do interpret and color the definition of faith, hope and love.

There is also a polarization of  the interpretation of the definition of love. Simply explained there is physical love and there is spiritual love. Another word for physical love is lust, a strong desire to satisfy one’s own sexual desires, it may be a thing, an object, an animal or a human being. Therefore physical lust is not love at all, but just loss of self-control, it is primitive desire, and it is selfish in nature.  So don’t be fooled into believing that “physical lust” is love, because it is not, far from it.

Faith Is Something That Never Lets You Lose Out In Life. In The Coming Year, Ensure That You Have Placed Full Faith In God.

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